Beauty, sexiness, fame, and high income are all that every female streamer wants to have. However, everything has its own price. Believe it or not? Read the following incident of Jammi - a beautiful streamer who has recently experienced very bad days.


According to her latest notification, Jammi has made her fans and netizens surprised at her sudden announcement to move house. Although the young streamer used the words “move house”, many believed that she obviously ran away from home, especially when Jammi admitted that besides something necessary, she didn’t bring a lot in time. It turns out that she has been stalked, and even threatened by a stranger - may be one of her crazy fans.

To get more specific, on her private page, the female streamer admitted that she has felt scared after receiving a strange email. It worth mentioning that this stranger seems to know everything about Jammi. He can even exactly read her home address, as well as other personal information.

Jammi 1

No need to say, the streamer felt very frightened and decided to leave her house after the stalker asked her to come to meet him or he would visit her at her house. The bad guy also didn’t forget to make threats to her in case she didn’t follow his saying.

Right after that, Jammi revealed her story to the netizens on a live stream. She also said that she was planning to ask the police and lawyers for help. Her fans have felt sympathetic about what she has experienced. They have also criticized the stalker who made them unable to meet their idol. Hope that the stalker will be soon arrested and the beautiful streamer can continue to rock the Internet in the upcoming time.

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