New streamer Wang Yizhen is a popular hot girl on social networks in Taiwan, China. She attracts a large number of followers due to her outstanding appearance. With a beautiful face, big eyes, and feminine fashion style, Yizhen is known as a sweet doll by the netizens.


Not long before, she started to challenge herself in a new role, a streamer. On her first live stream on Twitch, the Taiwan hot girl rapidly caused fever because of her cute voice. Yizhen received a lot of presents from the viewers. She also won the hearts of male viewers when showing her lovely movements and attractive content. After this stream, the newbie streamer managed to attract 10k followers to her channel.

Many people also decide to subscribe to her private page to admire more and update the latest pics of the candy girl as soon as possible. At present, she has had 150k followers and this figure must not be the highest one she reaches during her career.

Yizhen 1

Yizhen is said to follow the sweet style. In the majority of her photos on the Internet, she dresses in a gentle style, along with a cute expression. The Taiwan streamer now works as a much-loved photo model and vlogger. She also works for some brands on her private page. Yizhen has a passion for makeup and cosplaying. She reveals a lot of makeup tips according to a variety of styles, from elegance to mystery and seducing.

Apart from her angel-like face, Yizhen is known for her slim body and ant-waist. She reveals that she often practices at the gym to maintain her physique and improve her health. It’s not surprising that she now has a perfect shape and toned muscles.

Yizhen 2

The young streamer is a big fan of the Korean girl group Black Pink. She has bought tickets and gone overseas to join her idols’ concerts many times. Yizhen has many talents such as playing guitar and modern dance. Along with her team, this streamer has performed many times in a lot of events in foreign countries.

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