A few days ago, the US streamer Sykkuno revealed somewhat of his personal life to the viewers after a fan asked him about his current relationship status.

Along with many other popular streamers, the 1992-born Twitch streamer has joined the Among Us community in many months. At the beginning of that stream, Sykkuno mentioned that Lily “LilyPichu” Ki had just taken part in the Among Us group.

Does Sykkuno reveal his girlfriend?

Meanwhile, a fan suddenly asked him who his girlfriend is - this may be the question a lot of his fans also want to ask. The streamer then revealed that his lover was there and pointed to a blank position on the screen. What does this mean? Sykkuno turns out to be still a single guy.

Sykkuno, born Thomas, was born in June 1992. He now works as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. His favorite games include Valorant, Minecraft, and League Of Legends. And in recent months, he has started to join the Among US community along with some popular streamers.

Back to his recent stream, Sykkuno was mentioning that LilyPichu Ki would be a new member of the team to play Among Us that day. His viewers may still remember that a few years ago, LilyPichu Ki posted a pic of her and the male streamer. That may be why fans gave him a question about his girlfriend.

“Well guys, little did you know, I have already revealed my girlfriend. She is right here! Yup, as you can see there is nothing there because I don’t have one. Anyway!”

Additionally, it is rumored that Sykkuno has been in a romantic relationship with Valkyrae, a 28-year-old streamer from 100 Thieves. However, it may be just a rumor and fans will wait for more to learn who his girlfriend is.

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