Streamers always have their own strong points, as well as attractiveness to draw attention on the Internet. Some are good at playing games while others steal the heart of the fans due to their sense of humor or more simply, their eye-catching appearance or sexy body - the familiar tricks that many female streamers have applied at present. In the following incident, a popular Korean streamer Eddyrin has fostered her stream interaction by a very powerful weapon - a sexy dance.


Born in 1997, Eddyrin has long been known as one of the most popular streamers in the streaming community in Korea. Although her beauty isn’t on the top and she just stands 1m59 tall, Eddyrin has a sexy hourglass body. The Korean netizens even believe that nothing can be more shocking and hotter than Eddyrin’s dance. And not long before, this theory has been confirmed once again when the female streamer received a huge donation right after showing her invincible weapon on a live stream.

Streamer Dance
Her familiar posture in the hip swing dance went viral on the Internet.

With one leg on the table, and then repeatedly shaking her hips, and performing her hot dance, the 23-year-old streamer successfully steals the hearts of many men. Although the dance just lasted only a few minutes, it seemed to help her stream reach the unprecedented climax. To get more specific, up to 109 donations were rapidly sent to the female streamer when the music was just played and Eddyrin started to dance.

Apart from a lot of support on the Internet, her sexy dance also welcomed countless criticisms from the netizens. Many said that her hip swing dance was too sexually alluring and should be labeled for viewers beyond 18 on her channel. Some even frankly criticized her for making use of her body to earn more likes, views, and donations.

In the past, the female streamer used to stir controversy when admitting that she was hospitalized due to an overdose of sedatives as a result of stress and pressure at work. However, when being advised to have a rest or even give up her streaming career, Eddyrin always keeps silent, continues to go live streams, and gradually receive donations.

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