Along with the rapid development of streaming platforms, it is seemingly much easier to become a popular streamer with a huge income. The top-leading streamers can earn many lakhs of rupees a year, and some even have an income many times higher than.

Xuxu Baobao

One of such successful streamers is Xuxu Baobao, a streamer on Douyu. Xuxu Baobao was born in 1989 in Shandong, China. At present, he has more than 1.7 crore followers on Douyu and over 40 lakh Weibo followers.

After gaining fame and huge incomes, the majority of streamers choose to buy luxury houses or cars. However, a supercar worth many crores of rupees isn’t this streamer’s passion. He just bought a BMW to travel around.


Although Xuxu Baobao has earned a lot thanks to his career, his BMW may be the most valuable asset of this streamer. However, he revealed that he seldom used it because of his inexperienced driving skills, as well as lack of time.

On his recent live stream, a fan suddenly mentioned his car. Xuxu Baobao honestly said that he had bought it a few years ago but he was too busy to drive it. He also added that he was considering selling it, instead of always keeping it in a garage. And then, he rapidly sold it to a fan.

Streamer Sold Car
Xuxu Baobao and his lucky fan.

It worth mentioning that after Xuxu Baobao successfully said goodbye to the BMW, the netizens felt curious about the price the streamer asked for his car. Some decided to ask him on his live stream. He then revealed that although he had the car a few years ago, its total distance driven was below 10k kilometers. Additionally, the buyer turned out to be his fan who loved it very much and even promised to ‘take care of’ the car. That’s why Xuxu Baobao decided to sell the car for 1.2M CNY (about Rs1.35 crore).

Xuxu Baobao 2

Many of his fans felt very jealous of the lucky guy and expressed admiration for the streamer. At the time Xuxu Baobao bought this BMW, it was estimated at Rs1.57 crore, and its current price is about Rs2.25 crore. His generosity also received a lot of acclaim on the Internet.

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