The streamer in this story is A Pang from Taiwan. She now works as a League of Legends streamer on Twitch. She has about 4.1k followers on Facebook and more than 19k followers on the streaming platform Twitch.

A Pang 2

It has been five years since A Pang started her streaming career on Twitch. This streamer doesn’t just stream League of Legends but she also reveals her daily life to her viewers and fans.

Not long before, A Pang managed to unleash the madness on the Internet when going stream at a Karaoke. It worth mentioning that along with some of her friends, the Taiwan streamer took off her clothes as requested by her fans - that means they just wore underwear on that live stream. It’s not difficult to guess how popular her streams became at that time.

A Pang and her friends undressed clothes at a Karaoke.

Although A Pang and her friends won many hearts after the stream mentioned above, some frankly said that their behaviors were very offensive. The netizens even felt angry about the female streamer’s cheap tricks to earn views.

A few days ago, while A Pang was chatting with her fans on an outdoor stream, two robbers robbed her smartphone. It was lucky that they were then caught by the police.

There was seemingly nothing special in this robbery, but her accident surprisingly ranked on the top search list. However, the netizens may still remember her previous stream in which she undressed her clothes on a Karaoke, and therefore, some have doubted her recent accident. They believe that it was just another trick by the tricky streamer.

Facing such criticism, A Pang decided to write a long post on Facebook to state that she doesn’t get acquainted with the robbers. Also, she isn’t even a popular Internet personality, and therefore, no trick is necessary. Regardless of her explanation, the netizens don’t want to talk about trust to her.

A Pang 1

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