Popular streamers sometimes don’t feel interested in small donations, but for some less popular streamers, a donation plays a vital role in their income. That’s why many streamers are willing to do something even offensive on their live streams, as requested by the viewers, to earn as much donation as possible.

However, the happy ending doesn’t always come, and the recent incident of Korean female streamer Jun-ah is obviously strong evidence.

Streamer Jun Ah
Streamer Jun Ah

On her latest live stream, the female streamer revealed to her viewers that she was having dinner with shrimp with lobster sauce with pork. Of course, she had her own purpose to talk about this topic.

It is common on the streaming platforms, viewers can require streamers to accept a challenge so that they can receive certain donations. Accordingly, in the majority of challenges, the viewers asked Jun-ah to eat the food within a period of time, and the streamer completed the challenge without any difficulty.

Streamer Jun Ah 1
Streamer Jun-ah and her viral streaming.

However, a game changer then appeared. The unknown viewer suddenly gave the Korean streamer an unignorable request: Jun-ah would receive a donation worth KRW 1 million (about Rs 67k) if she accepted to eat spring rolls with legs. Jun-ah who is just an obscure streamer immediately agreed with this request because the donation was so attractive.

Using legs instead of chopsticks, the girl initially felt confused but after some mistakes, Jun-ah finally managed to complete the challenge. She felt very excited and even shouted for joy but some viewers said that she was cheating because there was lobster sauce on her toes. She had no choice but to lick the leftovers. It’s also the moment she realized that there was no lucrative donation and everything was just an intentional joke from naughty viewers.

Jun-ah burst into tears and angrily said that she had done everything the viewers required, and they shouldn’t treat her like this. Despite her effort, no one can deny that the female streamer had the most forgettable experience during her streaming career when she licked her toes in front of thousands of viewers.

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