As we all know, viewers often donate an amount of money to require streamers to follow their requirements, including sometimes weird ones. It can be undeniable that some requirements have become more barbarous than ever. And the following incident of a streamer from Russia is one of such incidents.

Youtuber Killed Girlfriend
Although his girlfriend was pregnant, Reeflay forced her to leave the house in the cold.

A few days ago, a Russian male streamer called Stas Reeflay received a donation worth $1000 (about Rs 74k). Accordingly, the donator required Reeflay to ask his girlfriend Valentina Valya Grigoryeva to wear only underwear and stand outside in the cold. Because the weather in Russia is very severe, the pitiful girl lost her life due to a sudden drop in her body temperature.

It worth mentioning that this pervert streamer still continued to live stream even when he discovered that his girlfriend was in critical condition. He dragged Grigoryeva from the door to the couch and covered her with a blanket. A few moments later, Reeflay started to shake her.

Streamer Youtube
The stream kept going on while the unlucky girl's body got colder.

In front of the camera and tens of thousands of viewers, the streamer asked the girl whether she was alive or not. He couldn’t feel her heartbeat, as well as check her pulse. She obviously stopped breathing.

It is said that Reeflay’s girlfriend was a mother-to-be and his cruel behavior led to the loss of their two lives. This streamer reportedly receives donations from his fans and viewers to do something awkward or barbarous. On a previous live stream, Reeflay even sprayed pepper spray into his girlfriend’s body.


His live stream ended after two hours and right after that, the police arrested him according to his viewers’ report. The female streamer can face a many-year sentence due to his mistreatment towards Grigoryeva.

At present, YouTube removed this live streaming video of the cruel Russian streamer. This incident should be considered as a warning for brutal pranks on the Internet. Those who are unaware of the importance of this incident can be the next victims of such an abusiveness.

Youtube Death

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