Contrary to what we often think, becoming a streamer doesn’t always go with a huge income or a gorgeous aura. There are some dark sides in the streaming community many may never think of before. The recent incident of a Korean streamer partly reveals to us what streamers, especially female ones, are facing during their career.


The netizens in Korea have talked a lot about a sexual harassment case in which a female streamer’s manager accused a male streamer of his misbehaviors. Accordingly, this guy reportedly gave her a hassle, leading to her manager’s announcement to file a lawsuit if he doesn’t give any official sorry.

The two main characters in this story are called Mr. A and Ms. B. It is said that everything happened after these streamers teamed up to go a 5-hour live stream. However, after that, when Ms. B had a rest in the bedroom, streamer A suddenly came near her, touched both her breasts and bottoms and started to force to kiss her.


The female streamer tried to push him away, but the bad guy suddenly said that he loved her so much and wanted to have a romantic relationship with her. No one knew how hearty he was but Ms. A may not feel happy or emotional at all at that time.

According to the manager, it was lucky that while the male streamer had a bath, Ms. B ran away in a hurry, regardless of his chasing after her. And then, she got a taxi to another colleague’s house nearby.

Messages 1

However, that’s not enough. The female character revealed all of the messages her male colleague sent to her. In a message, he said that he didn’t want to force her, but he didn’t think that she had such a strong reaction. He also added that her publicly showing all messages to the netizens could make him become a criminal. Meanwhile, the female streamer frankly said that she just wanted an official sorry, and she would prepare for a complaint at the police station.

Streamers Sexual Harassment

Her post was then removed on the Internet; however, according to her manager, it was due to the request of the live streaming platform both streamers have worked for. At least, Ms. A has collected all vital proof to file a lawsuit. Her incident has rapidly gone viral on the Korean online community.

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