Streamer Wang Ying has come under fire in the Taiwan online community in recent days. The girl with more than 140k followers has received a lot of mixed reviews after she accidentally revealed her breasts on a live stream.


Despite wearing a black strapless skirt, Wang Ying still decided to follow fans’ suggestions: take off her bra on the live stream. While trying to straighten her clothes, this streamer “accidentally” dropped the strapless skirt, making her whole breasts revealed in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Although she rapidly hid behind the chair, many took screenshots and shared them on the Internet. The number of followers on her page has increased by tens of thousands.

Wang Ying
Wang Ying is one of the female streamers to reveal breasts to earn more views on social networks.

Wang Ying said it was just a surprising incident that she never wanted. However, the viewers believed that she intentionally did it with the hope to earn more views and follows. Some said that even her tiny shirt didn’t drop, she looked enough offensive. Meanwhile, others frankly commented that no one could believe what she said in such a sexy shirt.

After that, Wang Ying’s old unedited photos were leaked on the Internet. The netizens realized that she obviously didn’t look as stunning as in her current photos. A series of criticisms lead to the Taiwan hot girl’s decision to lock all her Instagram and Facebook accounts. As a popular influencer, Wang Ying works as a model and content writer for many various brands. The recent scandal has ruined the whole image of brands she has collaborated with.

Streamer 1

It worth mentioning that Wang Ying isn’t the first and only streamer to make trouble when wearing offensive clothes or revealing breasts or other sensitive parts on live streams. In fact, hot girls’ intentionally dressing in sexy clothes or making dirty tricks to earn views have been long reprehensible on the Internet.

Nothing special in their content, no talent. These female streamers just know to draw attention on the Internet by posing their sexy bodies or showing off their big boobs in front of a camera. In early September, Taoyuan Nami (Taiwan) became the hot topic on social networks after she dressed in a sexy maid’s outfit and revealed her breasts. On the live stream, she shook the milk tea cup in a lascivious way, and therefore, she earned a huge number of viewers and donations.

This streamer was then permanently banned on Twitch due to her violations of community guidelines. It is said that her fashion style and sexy behaviors were the main reason for her ban.

Take a look at Wang Ying's photos:

Streamer 2

Streamer 3

Streamer 4

Streamer 5

Streamer 7

Streamer 8

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