Along with the rapid development of the Internet, streamers have become one of the most-hunted jobs in modern society as a way to meet vast demands from the netizens. However, working as a streamer is never an easy game because there are a lot of vital factors to become a successful streamer such as good content, many tricks, good appearance, and impressive imagination, as well as many other factors to form their own attraction.


A donation is always one of the top priorities many streamers have paid more attention to when pursuing their dream. It may be considered as a gift their fans or viewers send to them, along with messages. A donation is also given when streamers successfully complete a challenge. However, you may be still surprised to learn the following incident in which a female streamer gets a huge donation by a unique method.

It is said that hot streamer Jasmine gave an awkward challenge: show off her toes in front of thousands of viewers if the total donations on that live stream reached up to $2000 (about Rs 147k).

Jasmine 1

At first, Jasmine just thought that it’s too hard for this challenge to become true. However, only one donation proved that her thinkings turned out to be 100% wrong. Right after receiving her dream donation, the female streamer immediately kept her promise to her viewers: show off her toe on the live stream.

It’s not common to see such a weird live stream. However, the netizens rapidly find out a series of sexy photos of streamer Jasmine and partly know why she is willing to show off her toes on live streams, regardless of the ability to get a ban from the streaming platform.

Jasmine 2

Jasmine 3

Jasmine 4

Jasmine 5

Jasmine 6

Jasmine 7

Jasmine 8

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