Maryn Short, a 19-year-old TikToker, has surprisingly realized that she has had COVID-19 when she was filming a video of a Starbucks taste test. Accordingly, she would taste a drink and review it to her audiences; however, she was extremely surprised to learn that the drink seemingly had no flavor.

Tiktoker Covid 19

In the video, the TikToker said that her drink is named Venti Iced Latte and she would follow a new trend on the short video sharing platform: do a Starbucks taste test. She allegedly left work and visited Starbucks to order an iced coffee, Venti Iced Latte.

Maryn Short then stood outside the Starbucks store and started to take a sip in front of the camera and her viewers. However, her drink seemingly had no flavor although it should have been sweet. This TikToker felt difficult to describe her taste at that time.

She revealed to the viewers that she woke up late that day, and her nose was running. Also, she had both congestion and an allergic reaction. After considering a series of her symptoms, as well as why she couldn’t realize the true taste of Venti Iced Latte, Maryn Short felt a bit panicky.

The TikToker got shocked at the fact that she could have COVID-19 although she came nowhere apart from her house, groceries, and work. She quickly does a rapid test and the results proved that her fear came true: she got infected with COVID-19.

Tiktoker Starbucks Covid 19

It is great that Mary Short has immediately self-quarantined at home. And she doesn’t forget to update her latest health condition to her viewers and netizens.

This TikToker’s incident also shows us the fact that even when we follow all the vital precautions, we can definitely have COVID-19. However, the sooner we discover we get infected with it, the faster we can recover from it.

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