We have witnessed many young people are on the midway to choose between higher education and early employment. They know the importance of higher education while they desire to pursue their passion at a young age. Such a period seemingly happens to any one of us; however, what will take place if we then realize that the choice at that time turns out to be as good as we used to expect? That’s exactly what a 12-year-old Chinese streamer of that year experienced.


The young streamer is Xiao Xin. He was born in 2003 in Jiangxi, China. Since he was just a little boy, he has had a special passion for playing games and watching gaming streams. That’s why Xiao Xin hoped to work as a streamer to earn a living.

With his good gaming skills and humorous comments, it’s not surprising that despite his young age, streamer Xiao Xin rapidly received a lot of support on the Internet. Along with his increasing popularity, the netizens paid more attention to him than ever. Xiao Xin soon became a popular streamer in the streaming community in China.

Xiaoxin 1

When he got certain success, many companies invited Xiao Xin to work for their platforms. The little streamer finally chose to develop his career at a platform called Panda TV. After signing a contract with Panda TV, he may experience the greatest days of his life when successfully earning more than Rs3 lakh a month. Xiao Xin became an economic pillar of his family.

There were about 60k followers on each of his live streams. In rush hours, this figure even hit up to 140k. Realizing that the son could earn a lot of money without any difficulties, his parents gave him huge support and looked to his bright future that made everyone admire and desire.

However, his life suddenly turned a new chapter after Panda TV announced its bankruptcy. Xiao Xin had no choice but to move to another platform to earn his living. It was a pity that everything wasn’t as ideal as he expected. His popularity gradually disappeared out of social networks, and of course, there was no good income anymore.

At present, the young streamer turns 17. He decides to go back to school to the dismay of both his parents and fans.

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