Charli D’Amelio, born on the first day of May 2004, became the first one to reach 10 crore followers on TikTok. The 16-year-old beauty’s achievement is beyond many celebrities in the entertainment world although she has just joined this platform for one year. Since July 2019, her videos have rapidly rocked the Internet due to her addictive lip-sync songs and dances.

Tiktok Queen

Learning that social networks can help her gain promising fame and income, Charli D’Amelio frankly admitted that TikTok allows young users to do something stupid without shame and hiding. Also, her elder sister Dixie has gained a lot of success and drawn huge attention on the Internet thanks to TikTok.

Their rapid success has helped Charli and her sister earn millions of dollars a year by creating parody videos as requested in their advertisement contracts. However, fame sometimes goes with controversies. The “TikTok Queen” couple has faced a lot of trouble. Both have received many daily negative comments. Anti-fans usually mock at their figures, weights, faces, and even their regular diets.

Charlie Damelio
Her TikTok account has more than 10 crore followers.

Strangers sometimes send threatening messages to them when learning their home and school addresses. The two TikTok phenomena even moved to a new school after there were a lot of bad rumors about them at their old school. Their parents had to ask the authorities for help and hire the police to guard them 24/7.

Charlie D’Amelio is known as the highest-earning TikToker at present. According to an August report by Forbes, the 16-year-old girl earned about $4 million (about Rs29.4 crore) last year. The US media calls her TikTok Queen or an undisputed ruler on this platform. Even D’Amelio said that her luck is obviously unexplainable.


In early 2020, a renowned management company in Hollywood signed this TikTok star to make use of her image in a bid to attract users as her fans to use another platform. Charli then landed a Super Bowl commercial and may catch a chance to enter the showbiz after her dance with Jennifer Lopez.

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