A gamer in New York City has found out that his favorite collection of games almost entirely disappeared this week. It worth mentioning that his collection is estimated at $500k (about Rs 3.7 crore).

This gamer is an employee at J&L Game - a gaming store in New York. His game collection is so vast that he had to turn his family’s old house into an archive. He revealed in his recent thread on Twitter that he just discovered that his mother threw out all of his PS1 games including more than 500 games.

Game Collection

Apart from rare PlayStation games, his mother even decided to toss away some classic consoles worth thousands of dollars. They include the Super Famicom, Famicom system, the super-rare NeoGeo AES, and Atari system. The bad-luck gamer said that he basically lost the entire collection of consoles and games that he kept in the old house.

His sad story hasn’t ended yet. Some valuable merchandise also became victims of his mother’s cleanup. The mom threw away many music gears, cards, and more such as a drum kit, Marshall amps, Magic: The Gathering, and even his rare comic book collection. This gamer then revealed his story on Twitter and said that he had lost control of what was happening.


It is a great pity that he lost thousands of games, rare consoles, as well as non-gaming products. However, if he had spent more time chatting with his mother, his valuable collection wouldn’t have got such a sad destiny. The total value of the lost game collection hasn’t been revealed in detail but this gamer said that it may be at about $500k (about Rs 3.7 crore).

Next time, he should consider choosing a more secret location to keep his collection. At least, his mom shouldn’t know where it is.

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