Although this iccident, in fact, took place some time ago, it has gone viral on the Internet. The main character in this incident is Robcdee, a Twitch streamer who once became a real-life hero to save a girl from being stalked by a stranger.

Streamer Robcdee

Born in England, Robcdee is an IRL streamer on Twitch. He now resides in Japan. Despite not being among the currently most popular streamers, Robcdee has made an impression on his viewers due to his funny style. This Aussie streamer has about 97.3k Twitch followers and 17.2 YouTube subscribers. His IRL streams often offer a lot of funny moments to his viewers.

A few months ago, Robcdee accidentally helped a woman escape from a stalker while wandering on the streets in Japan. It was lucky that the woman knew how to secretly ask the streamer for help so that the stalker didn’t realize what the real relationship between her and Robcdee was. Accordingly, she pretended to know Robcdee while the streamer rapidly played “this game” with her.

In the past, Robcdee accidentally met a man on streets. At first, he thought that this man was seemingly “pious and pure” because he was laying on the ground. The streamer surprisingly realized that he fainted on the road.

Back in the latest incident, he was playing with his smartphone and a woman who was followed by a man suddenly walked to him. He saw she talked to the man that Robcdee was her friend. Guessing that she was in danger, Robcdee immediately helped her and played the role of her friend.

After the streamer had a little talk with the man, the stalker finally got away. The lucky woman sent a big thank to Robcdee and revealed that she had been followed by the bad guy for 02 days. It was lucky that she met a good guy like Robcdee.

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