Along with the rapid development of the streaming industry, the netizens have witnessed a lot of scandals caused by beautiful and hot streamers. It is never easy to create attractive content but drawing attention on the Internet by showing off their sexiness is much easier. That’s also how the following LOL streamer stirs the Internet.

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Luo Xin 4

The female streamer in question is Luo Xin with more than 19 lakh followers. It is said that on her latest stream, things started as normal with not much attention from viewers. Instead of playing games, as usual, Luo Xin and her friends decided to play music and perform sexy dances.

Luo Xin

Her friends were apparently careful when always hiding their breasts with a hand before bending down to read comments or adjust the camera. It was a pity that Luo Xin wasn’t as careful as her friends, leading to a pitiful ban afterward.

Accordingly, the female streamer dressed in a short shirt to show off her slim waist on the live stream. It’s not surprising that she immediately stole the spotlight on the Internet. However, a sudden incident took place right when she started to dance: her whole breasts were revealed in front of thousands of viewers. It worth mentioning that she didn’t wear any underwear or protective clothing.

Luo Xin 1

Luo Xin seemingly didn’t realize what was going on and continued to perform the dance along with her friends. The notification from the platform, of course, was neglected. Until there was a stir on her chatting channel, the streamer approached to read the comments but it’s too late. Her live streaming channel with nearly 20 lakh followers discolored within an eye blink. Hopefully, Luo Xin will soon get a lesson from this offensive incident.

Luo Xin 2

Luo Xin 3

Take a quick look at some stunning photos of Luo Xin:

Luo Xin 5

Luo Xin 5

Luo Xin 6

Streamer Luo Xin

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