Apart from donations, streamers usually receive a variety of presents from their fans. The majority of these presents are fans’ love for their dear streamers while some are given to just troll them. A few days ago, popular streamer Sykkuno got such an experience.

Streamer Sykkuno

Like some previous streams, Sykkuno decided to open a few presents at the end of his second stream in January. He quickly opened a present - which he may wish to never see it - because there was a maid’s outfit in it. The giver even sent a message saying that the streamer should wear in on a live stream.

No need to discuss how confused Sykkuno felt when seeing this odd present. The streamer repeatedly said below, “That’s weird, man, that’s a weird one.” He then tried to ignore it and rapidly moved to the next present; however, his streaming channel was being flooded by fans’ reactions. Some started to imagine how Sykkuno would look like in a maid’s outfit while others frankly said that fans should respect the streamer and shouldn’t make him uncomfortable.

It’s common for streamers to open presents from fans on live streams. These memories often draw a lot of attention on the Internet and help them earn more popularity. They even don’t hesitate to cosplay female characters on their live streams. Amongst many popular streamers, Boxbox and Sneaky are listed.

While some feel free to wear such weird outfits, others feel embarrassed to put on this kind of garment. And it is obvious that Sykkuno belongs to the second group.


Born in 1992, streamer Sykkuno mainly plays and streams video games on YouTube and Twitch. His favorite games include League Of Legends, Valorant, Among Us, and Minecraft. There are about 23 lakh followers on his Twitch channel and 23.4 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

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