Xie Yitong or Bella or Bellababy, used to be amongst the very popular female streamers in the League Of Legends streaming community a few years ago. The 1985-born streamer comes from Taipei, Taiwan. She worked as an official caster of the Taiwan eSports League (TeSL) and now works as a streamer on Douyu.

Bella 6

Bella won the hearts on the Internet due to her superb skills. Before becoming a caster, she joined Blackie’s Teenage Club as a member of the NW squadron of StarCraft II. She then became a LOL caster at the KEAHOARL Company.

Despite her talent and fame, Bella’s eSports career didn’t last long when she faced a series of scandals that put an end to her popularity. One of these pitiful scandals came from a rumor given by her male colleague. Accordingly, he said that the famous female streamer had sex with him. Although Bella completely denied the rumor and this guy then gave her an official apology saying that he just drunk made up a story, she obviously made a bad impression on the Internet.

Bella Explanation
Despite her explanation, the netizens boycotted Bella.

After a period of time, Bella was suddenly found being deleted from KEAHOARL. It was said that she offended a minor staff on a live stream. It worth mentioning that the staff then got a promotion, leading to the termination of her contract without any advanced notice.

After her contract with KEAHOARL ended, Bella moved to work as a caster for Dream Tower Defense. However, the bad luck continued to find her as the female streamer was rumored to boast about her lingerie during live streams. At that time, she turned out to ask her viewers how to remove a stain from her shirt.

The consecutive scandals put an end to her career. Bella now no longer appears on notable matches, as well as rocks the Internet as before. She has maintained her popularity on Douyu, but her streaming channel has just attracted over 3 lakh followers.

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