Clay Dream, a popular YouTuber, has recently received a lot of support on the Internet after crazy fans found out his current address via the image he posted on his other Twitter account.

Youtuber Dream Doxed

This YouTuber initially drew much attention as a speedrunner on Minecraft, but he has just actually rocked the Internet by teaming up with other streamers and internet personalities to play Among Us. Like Corpse Husband, Dream hasn’t yet revealed his face to the netizens.

Not long before, he showed his kitchen on his second Twitter account, leading to an unexpected hunt for his house from crazy fans. It worth mentioning that they succeeded in finding his house and leaking it to the netizens. The popular YouTuber had no choice but to remove his tweet.

There are now about 151 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. It is common for popular streamers or YouTubers to hide their identities. However, Dream obviously didn’t pay enough attention to keep it secret out of the stalkers. Just a photo of his kitchen was enough for fans to determine where he now lives.

Dream is not the only one to hide his identity on the Internet. In fact, a lot of streamers, especially beautiful streamers, have at least once faced trouble when their addresses are leaked and tracked by crazy fans.

Dream Doxed

Dream’s incident seemingly took place a few months ago; however, his fans have just discovered it in recent days. Some felt worried about him while the others paid more attention to a manhunt in real life.

The YouTuber in question hasn’t given any comment about his bad experience. Hopefully, he will never post such a similar photo on the Internet in the upcoming time if he still wants to hide his identity.

Dream Leaked Add

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