Always turning the camera off after completing a stream is one of the most basic but very important rules every streamer follows. In the past, there were a lot of streamers, especially female streamers, to expose their secrets or even sensitive parts in front of thousands of viewers after a few careless moments. These situations sometimes help streamers gain popularity in a short period of time while others may get a permanent ban. Hot streamer Baby got such a bad experience.

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Hot streamer Baby now has more than 3 lakh followers.

Some may believe that the incident was just a trick Baby applied to earn more fame, but she is now amongst the most popular names in the streaming community. Apart from her outstanding beauty, the streamer also wins the hearts on the Internet due to her excellent gaming skills. That’s why she soon attracts more than 3 lakh followers on her private page. However, her popularity also makes her recent incident go viral on virtual life.

To get more specific, on her latest eSports stream, after playing games and interacting with her viewers, Baby forgot to leave the channel and turn the camera off. She started to wander on the Internet as usual. However, when she bent down, her mini skirt accidentally revealed her butt on the live stream.

No need to say what the viewers watched at that moment. Many even took screenshots of Baby’s embarrassing moment. These photos rapidly went viral on the Internet. Until now, the female streamer hasn’t yet returned to the streaming world after this incident. It is rumored that her channel even almost got a permanent ban.

Take a quick look at her stunning photos:

Baby 1

Baby 3

Baby 5

Baby 8

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