Scout "Tanmay Singh" has become one of the most famous names in the Indian Esports scene, mainly due to his extraordinary performances in the PUBG Mobile pro scene and his aggressive playstyle. In his journey, Scout has gathered over 3.08 mil subscribers on YouTube, and 2.2 mil followers on Instagram... However, it looks like his influence is even bigger than that number might suggest.

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Scout is one of the most entertaining streamers in the scene

Kiran Rai, a famous British journalist who has written for a lot of magazines and newspapers, have recently created a list of the "200 Most Influential People in Asia 2020". Scout is included in the list as part of the leaders of the Indian esports industry. Below is a recap of Rai's interview of Scout that was posted on his Instagram page.

1 - Scout talks about his two "identities": Scout and Tanmay

In the interview, Scout has revealed a lot about his professional and personal life, with "Scout" and "Tanmay" represents each side. Scout, the player/streamer is a competitive guy who wants to win, entertain and chill out with his audience, with a social media lifestyle. Tanmay, on the other hand, is much calmer - this persona loves adventure, travelling around the globe and care for his friends and family.

2 - About the "influence" of fake friends

Scout stated that in the past he came across a lot of fake people who were trying to be friendly with him just to take advantage of his fame. Because of that, he is now very picky about the people surrounding him.

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3 - What would Scout do if he has not joined the gaming industry?

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Scout has played in teams such as RAW, IND, GodLike and Fnatic

Apparently, we could have had a footballer Scout, as Tanmay had wanted to become a footballer when he was younger. However, that dream was canceled due to injuries. According to Scout, he would continue to follow his previous dream of becoming a footballer if he did not play PUBG Mobile.

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