If you are still playing PUBG Mobile, this update is definitely worth hyping for. The 1.9 update is going to add a lot of new small features to make the game much more immersive. In this article, we would list out everything you should look forward to in the new 1.9 patch.

1 - New Grenade effects, Grenada Switch and Rebalance

Before this, the grenades in PUBG Mobile only release a cloud of grey smoke and the blast, which actually looks pretty bad and unrealistic. Now? Thrown grenades would create a big fiery explosion.


You can now quickly switch between your grenades by pressing the grenade icon and swipe toward the one you want.

Smoke would now activate 1 second after landing while Flashbang is 0.7 seconds. Frag Grenade damage to players reduced while Molotov damage and range slightly increased.

2 - Melee Throw


Players can now carry multiple melee weapons and throw them. When you have a melee weapon equipped, the reload button would turn into a “throw” button. This can be used to hit enemies in a distance with a melee attack.

3 - Volume control for each player in the squad

Now, instead of muting, you can just tune their voice down. This is actually better as by muting them you could miss important information when communication is needed.

4 - Spike Traps


You can now set up spike traps to stop vehicles from moving or lure them into a route that’s easier to ambush.

5 - Warehouse 2.0


The TDM map Warehouse has been updated with better texture and an RPG mode. Fighting each other with huge blast weapons in a small location like the Warehouse would be a unique experience.

6 - Extreme Hunt Mode


In this mode, besides the loot, your task would be to collect the money lying on the ground. This money can be used later to buy various powerful items like Respawn Card, Ammo Boxes and the Exo Suit. This suit is a powerful armor that allows you to take down enemies with just one punch. It is also equipped with a Jetpack, giving the wearer the ability to fly.

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