One of the major incomes of streamers comes from donations which often go with a donor’s particular request. Such amounts are rather small and there is nothing wrong with the request. However, there are always exceptions, for example, some female streamers are asked to show their body parts on live streams.

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Showing off her foot, Streamer Got Rs 1.4 Lakh On Stream

At the beginning of a live stream, streamer Jasmine announced that she would showcase her foot if the total donation hit $2000 (about Rs 1.4 lakh). Of course, at that time, everyone thought that it’s hard to happen, even Jasmine said that she may lose all of her followers if she showed off her foot on live streams.


However, the magic finally occurred. A viewer proved that the female streamer underestimated her attraction. She rapidly received the donation as suggested. And Jasmine then kept her words by revealing her foot to her viewers.

Female Streamer Got A Sudden Donation After Revealing Armpit

Although Jami doesn’t gain much popularity in the streaming community, she still wins many hearts due to her outstanding appearance. She is often seen wearing sexy clothes on her live streams to show off her big breasts. Apart from admiring her breasts, many fans and viewers sometimes pay much attention to another sensitive part of her body.


Accordingly, while she sometimes reached up, her chatting channel was flooded with comments about her armpit. Some boldly asked her to reveal this sensitive part to the viewers and finally, the female streamers decided to agree with this request in case she received at least 100 balloons (about Rs 635).

It was obvious that the donation was just small, and her viewers rapidly sent her a lot of donations and 100 balloons. And right after the donation rain stopped, the streamer fulfilled her promise.

The 2000-born streamer has developed her streaming career for several years but, as she admitted, the live stream of that day was the first time she felt successful.

Flaunting Cleavage With Low-Cut Neckline, Streamer Earns Rs 1 Crore A Month

In February 2021, Sally took down other female streamers to become the one with the biggest donations on Afreeca TV. It was said that she earned about 163 million KRW (Rs 1 crore). That means she bagged about Rs 114k per streaming hour - It is no doubt an incredible amount!

However, Sally is also under a lot of controversies because all that she does on streams are just wearing sexy clothes and flaunting cleavage with a low-cut neckline. It is undeniable that her good appearance offers her a big advantage over other streamers.


Sally 1

Sally 2

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