Korean female streamer HAchubby has gained popularity on Twitch by streaming her shifts at a mart. From a part-time employee to an Internet personality, HAchubby has offered to her viewers a series of new content regarding her everyday working life.

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Hachubby 1

It is said that she has recently quitted her job at the mart due to her concerns about her privacy issues. She is now seen running her own convenience store named HAchuMart in Busan, Korea.

The female streamer said that now may not be the greatest time to start her own business; however, she feels very eager to pursue her dream and decides to bring the amazing experience to her viewers. Everything is just like a fairy tale in which a female streamer who streams her part-time job suddenly gains a lot of support from the netizens. And it is even great that she now has her own mart.

Speaking of her previous job, on her stream on February 24, HAchubby revealed that she lost something when choosing to quit this job. Her viewers, therefore, couldn’t watch her new streams on weekends. She added that she doesn’t want to give up streaming because she hopes to keep talking to others.

At that time, she promised her viewers that she would build her own convenience store next year. That sounds crazy but now becomes true. The female streamer doesn’t worry a lot about some common issues such as employees’ salaries or other expenses. She wants to do everything on her own.

Hachubby 3

Many leave comments below her store opening ceremony video. Some get impressed by her efforts since she was an employee who could speak English a little bit. It’s great that HAchubby now becomes a popular streamer and also the owner of a convenience store. And it takes her about two years to gain the success as now. Meanwhile, others state that her incident has become the greatest inspiration in recent years.

Hachubby 4

Her store now comes into service and welcomes guests every day. Although HAchubby lacks business experience, she still feels very happy when her dream comes true.

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