Streamer Triciaisabirdy has gained a lot of popularity on Twitch. There are more than 50k followers on her channel. Her content mainly mentions cooking, and therefore, fans have got familiar with her processing food while interacting with her viewers on live streams.

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Streamer Tricia

However, a few days ago, this streamer got a bad experience during a stream. Back on February 22, her stream had a pause when a stranger suddenly broke into her house. Here’s what happened at that time:

At the beginning of the stream, it’s all good until Triciaisabirdy suddenly became nervous and panicked. Her viewers immediately realized there might be something wrong. There were a lot of sudden shouts in her room, and it took the female streamer a few moments to learn what’s going on. Right after that, she asked the intruder to get away and leave her and her colleagues alone.

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Triciaisabirdy then decided to stop her stream until the police appeared to arrest the bad guy. It was lucky that the brave streamer didn’t have to deal personally with him because her friends were present to save her.

After ending the stream as required, Triciaisabirdy recorded the bad guy on her phone while her friends tried to control him. The video showed that the intruder wasn’t seemingly conscious. He couldn’t stop screaming on the table and threatening everyone while the streamer and her friends attempted to make him calm down.


Triciaisabirdy then wrote on Twitter that the intruder was arrested by the police and no one got hurt. More notably, she revealed that he insisted that the female streamer was a princess and all that he tried to do was to rescue her.

It is obviously a bad experience when being threatened in your own house. Triciaisabirdy then sent a bunch of thanks to her friends who were willing to help her in such a situation, as well as fans who always support her. Although she still feels panic, she said it is good that everyone is fine and hoped that no one would have the same experience as her.

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