It’s common for streamers or players to express their anger after losing a game. Some smash a mouse or throw a keyboard away while others are caught yelling at their teammates. However, the following incident of a Twitch streamer is no doubt unacceptable and rapidly shocks the Internet.

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Twitch Streamer Banned

The streamer in question is KillaMfCam, a familiar face on Twitch. On a live stream on February 15, he was taken down in Escape From Tarkov by another gamer called Frizzable, leading to his uncontrollable anger. Right after that, Frizzable, as well as many other viewers, accidentally heard the streamer yelling at his son who started to cry in the same room.

Accordingly, KillaMfCam even threatened to snap his son’s neck and kick the child out of his room. No need to say how shocked the netizens felt when hearing what he said to his son.

"Stop f*****g s***ting yourself, dude! How hard is that? Jesus Christ, man. God damn you stupid, motherf****r. I f*****g hate you, dude. Get the f**k out of my room, bro. Get out. I'm gonna break your f*****g neck, dude."

Frizzable then revealed the clip of KillaMfCam’s abusive behaviors on Twitter. KillaMfCam’s Twitch channel was then flooded with criticisms. No one can accept his violent behavior towards his son. More ironically, KillaMfCam used to introduce himself on his Twitter bio as an “Aspiring gamer, single father of a beautiful 3yr old.” Not long after, Twitch issued a ban on this streamer and his all channels were also blocked.

However, the gaming community believes that despite Twitch’s immediate move, streamer KillaMfCam definitely deserves more severe punishment. Some say that he should be prosecuted for his child abuse.

It’s not the first time the netizens have witnessed such mistreatment of children on this popular streaming platform. One month ago, another Twitch streamer called buckkerz shocked the Internet when screaming at his baby on his stream. His Twitch account was then suspended, and he also removed his other accounts on social networks.

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