Back in October 2020, the hot streamer in Korea Gul-hye suddenly announced her decision to give up her streaming career when she was drawing a lot of attention on the Internet. No need to say how surprised her fans felt at that time. Accordingly, the beautiful streamer revealed that she didn’t get any strike or any ban, or any other trouble on the platform. Instead, she planned to spend more time having a break and treating her slipped disc.

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Gul-hye, in fact, isn’t a new name in the streaming community in Korea, especially in the League Of Legends streaming community. Besides her career as an LoL streamer, she has caused an Internet stir because of her romantic relationship with Canna, a top laner for T1, also known as Faker’s teammate.

Gul-hye stopped streaming at the end of last October and two months later, in early 2021, this streamer marked her return with a completely different appearance. Fans rapidly realized she has had a few changes. Apart from changes in her beautiful face, her breasts have seemingly become sexier than ever.

Even before her glamorous comeback, Gul-hye was listed as one of the sexiest female streamers in Korea who tend to love showing off their breasts on streams or photos. Netizens even wonder whether it is true that she suffers from a herniated disc. Or maybe she just ceased streaming to get breast surgery.

The streamer also frankly admitted that she got cosmetic surgery during her break. Speaking of her obviously increased breasts, she revealed that it may be due to her weight gain after she ate three meals a day - something she rarely did before but she now has to apply to take antibiotics after her surgery.

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It can be undeniable that her impressive comeback has received a lot of attention on the Internet, especially when she is Canna’s rumored girlfriend.

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