There is always a lot to attract our attention in the streaming community, from addictive content to controversial streams. Streamers have made efforts to stir the Internet as much as possible. While some face backlash after their inappropriate words, others win the hearts due to their kindness. The following list consists of some streamers who helped the needy ones.

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Turner "Tfue" Tenny

Tfue has hosted many charity streams to save needy people. This streamer even doesn’t hesitate to do weird things to call for more donations for philanthropic purposes, such as whipping cream to his face on a stream, eating a pepper, or wax-stripping.

Michael Shroud Grzesiek

Three years ago, on a live stream, Shroud received a fan’s email suggesting that he should take a look at another Twitch streamer called ResurrectionFern who had type 1 diabetes and was raising money to cover her medical treatment. After checking her channel, Shroud rapidly asked viewers to subscribe to the female streamer’s channel. She then collected more than 400 subscribers and successfully raised a lot of money.

Shroud helped a Twitch streamer with type 1 diabetes raise money for her medical treatment.

Benjamin DrLupo Lupo

Benjamin DrLupo Lupo is always amongst the most-loved streamers. In the past, one of his fans donated money to him and revealed his plan to end his life. The streamer quickly provided a suicide helpline number on his stream and advised the fan to call for help. DrLupo further said that he wanted to continue their talk the next morning. The fan then kept contacting the streamer the next day as he suggested. It’s great that he saved the fan’s life.

His job is, as DrLupo said, to entertain people, to provide a home for them on the internet, and to make people smile.

Jimmy MrBeast Donaldson

MrBeast is no doubt a familiar face both in the streaming community and in the philanthropic community. He used to help homeless people by buying supplies from towels, bicycles, to clothes.

Jake JakeNBake Abramson

Speaking of IRL streamers, Twitch streamer JakeNBake is a must-have name. Many may remember that he accidentally helped a girl escape from a stalker on a Japanese street while he was on a stream. Watch the following video to know what happened at that time!

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