Last year, Calvin Lee Veil, better known as YouTuber LeafyIsHere, got a permanent ban on YouTube after his violation of harassment policies on this popular platform. Not long after that, his accounts on both YouTube and Twitch were then removed.


In the past, LeafyIsHere was under a lot of controversies due to his streaming content. This YouTuber has been accused of being a racist by those who said that he threatened them.

Netizens witnessed many times LeafyIsHere frankly commented on his colleagues, as well as other streamers, and it may lead to his being hated on both Twitch and YouTube. It’s not surprising that he then got a ban on these platforms, but it is rumored that the major reason behind this YouTuber’s permanent ban may be related to two internet personalities including Ethan Klien and Pokimane.

Speaking of LeafyIsHere’s Twitch ban, many may still remember that it was issued on the day the 1996-born streamer Pokimane came back on this platform after break. That’s why some believes that his ban was related to this female streamer.

Additionally, Pokimane has been known as one of the Twitch ambassadors since 2018. However, Leafy mocked and criticized her many times via his streams and videos, leading to his ban afterwards. It was also said that Pokimane’s fandom reported his all content on the streaming platforms and that’s why his accounts were then terminated.

It worth mentioning that many streamers felt very happy about his ban because LeafyIsHere obviously offended not only Pokimane but also many others. In December last year, he once again came back to YouTube as a content creator hired by RedBloom LLC.

He named his new channel Leafy but the controversial YouTuber soon got another ban because his channel allegedly violated the Terms Of Service on YouTube. This guy then moved to upload his videos on StoryFire, YouTube’s rival.

Leafy Banned Pokimane Compressed

Although LeafyIsHere often annoyed other streamers, he always receives support from KeemStar, a 1982-born streamer and YouTuber. LeafyIsHere has recently revealed on his Twitter that he often plays Minecraft with KeemStar. At present, he mainly works on two social networks Instagram and Twitter.

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