Two days ago, beauty influencer Bretman Rock got a big shock when opening a champagne bottle on his live stream, leading to a deafening pop. His funny incident immediately went viral on the Internet and the two popular streamers Sykkuno and Valkyrae couldn’t stop laughing after watching this video on their latest live stream.

Valkyrae Champaigne
Valkyrae couldn't stop laughing when watching Bretman Rock's champagne explosion.

In the video in question, Bretman Rock opened a champagne bottle; however, he didn’t seem to know that it can lead to a surprising explosion. In fact, the explosion didn’t happen if the beauty influencer remembered to chill the bottle in advance.

Right when watching this video, Valkyrae burst into a laugh while Sykkuno said that he could guess what would happen to Bretman Rock but he was obviously surprised. Sykkuno also added that “Is he (Bretman Rock) gonna drink all of it?”

It’s not hard to guess how Valkyrae and Sykkuno react but it’s still very funny to watch their reactions.

Regardless of his initial intentions, Bretman Rock successfully caused an Internet stir. He drew the attention of not only the netizens but also some popular streamers including Sykkuno and Valkyrae.

It is said that the beauty influencer is always friendly with other streamers such as Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband. And the streamer who is closest to him is nobody but Sykkuno. In the past, Bretman used to praise Sykkuno’s kind voice.

Bretman Rock now has more than 154 lakh followers on Instagram and 81.9 lakh subscribers on YouTuber. He first gained certain success on the Internet in 2016. Back in 2017, he was recognized as one of the “30 Most Influential Teens” by Time. And he has now kept stirring the Internet as a makeup artist and social media personality.

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