Kaisaya is a relatively popular female Filipino eSports personality/streamer. Currently, she has switched to the new Riot Games' creation: League of Legends: Wild Rift. However, that's not why we're here today. Just a few days ago, the streamer suddenly revealed a story of her past that shook the whole Filipino gaming community.

kaisaya streamer
Kaisaya is quite a personality in the mobile MOBA game scene

Kaisaya accuses her ex-boyfriend and Zeus Torquator - a rather famous commentator of Mobile Legends of recording and sharing a private clip of her. The story quickly floods the Internet, right after Kaisaya posted it in a Facebook status.

kaisaya fb post
The story was shared on her Facebook

According to the female streamer, the incident took place two years ago. Zeus Torquator and her ex-boyfriend were best friends. The two of them shared her private clip as a sick way to entertain themselves. After learning the news from several people who reportedly watched the clip, Kaisaya filed an Incident Report on February 3, 2019. Yet, the case did not come through because the last testifier she needs, eSports commentator Shin Boo Ponferrada refused to step up.

Shin Boo Ponferrada
Caster Shin Boo Ponferrada refused to stand as a testifier

Kaisaya claimed the incident made her fall into a state of severe panic, anxiety, and depression. After two years, she still has not found justice as those who hold the clip have not been punished. The female streamer has no specific clue of how many people could have seen her private moments.

However, it was until recently that Kaisaya suddenly discovered Shin Boo Ponferrada was using the clip to blackmail Zeus Torquator. If Zeus fails to meet his demands, he will stand as a testified and expose Zeus of publishing the private clip of Kaisaya.

kaisaya rog
Kaisaya later found out that Shin Boo Ponferrada was blackmailing Zeus

Kaisaya was devastated to learn the news. She felt disgusted by the person that was using her for his own sake, and at the same time worried that her case might be exposed. Then. Kaisaya made the decision to announce the story herself. She's now relieved from the psychological burden she carries for so long.

Kaisaya's Facebook post immediately shook the entire Philippine esports scene. The gaming community of this country has been kind, sending words to share her pain.  They also heavily criticized those who were involved.

kaisaya smile
Kaisaya is receiving a lot of support from the community

Following the story of Kaisaya, professional “Mobile Legends Bang Bang” commentator Zeus Torquator is now indefinitely suspended from his post. He and Shin Boo Ponferrada is receiving waves of backlash from the community for the deceitful and immoral behaviors.

The incident is now under investigation by both the authority and the gaming community itself.

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