Speaking of the most popular Twitch streamers in Korea, the netizens may first think about streamer HAchubby who has about 2.32 lakh Twitch followers, and 72.4k followers on Instagram.


HAchubby draws attention due to her IRL and Just Chatting streams. She often visits multiple places and experiences a variety of activities. Fans also get impressed by her lovely and partly weird personality. Last year, HAchubby was recognized as the 17th name on the list of most-watched Just Chatting channels on Twitch.

The streamer is now on a vacation in Sweden, but she has kept interacting with fans via her IRL stream on Twitch. Accordingly, fans can go with her on the streets of Sweden, admire new places, as well as enjoy local specialties, of course, on the screen. A few days ago, HAchubby got deeply surprised when being suddenly proposed to by a random passerby on such a live stream.

Hachubby Stream

The video showed that the guy self-introduced he came from Somalia. He had a little talk with the beautiful Korean streamer. At first, he suggested that HAchubby should move to Sweden because this country is great. She explained that she was just on a vacation and her original country is Korea.

The streamer told a joke that she could move to Sweden if she got married to a Sweden boy. And the passerby suddenly proposed to her and asked whether she wanted a blonde guy or not. That’s so funny!

Hachubby Streamer

He said,

"You can marry me? From Somalia ... or do you want a blonde guy? I can put the blonde colour in my hair ... then you'll marry me."

Her video rapidly attracted a large number of viewers due to its sweet and funny moments. With her cuteness, the chubby streamer must gain more attention from the netizens in the upcoming time. Let’s keep following the latest live streamers of lovely HAchubby!


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