This is the latest story of Xuanziju - a female streamer who was born in Shanghai, China in 1992. She is known for her sexy beauty and has a rather large amount of fans. There have been more than 33 lakh followers on her Weibo account and each of her live streams attracts a lot of views.


However, Xuanziju has a habit of wearing sleazy dresses and partly boasting about her sexy body a lot on live streams. That’s why she got a ban on Huya - the No.1 game live streaming platform in China in June 2020. This female streamer has kept receiving lots of support and criticisms about her fashion style.

Since she was banned by Huya, Xuanziju moves to Weibo to continue interacting with her fans. However, it seems too difficult for this streamer to give up her habit. She has posted her latest sexy photos on the Internet.

Streamer Live

Not long before, in her new pics, she appeared in all black leather that showed off all her haunting curves. And then, she shared a post relating to a short movie she had joined.

It worth mentioning that, there is a big word “LINK” in both the status and the series of photos the producer posted. The netizens have immediately paid attention to this detail and given countless assumptions.

When watching these photos, many thought that the female streamer may decide to develop her career as an adult actor. Some had a doubt about whether she could act or not, while others even frankly asked whether she was preparing to join the adult video industry.

New Post
She has recently revealed that she appeared in a few short movies.

The truth turns out to be another different story. This streamer, in fact, has made an appearance in short movies. After the ban from live streams, Xuanziju tested her acting skills in a few short movies. Speaking of the word “LINK”, it is just the name of a Chinese magazine, instead of what many believe!

With such photos, it's not surprising that the streamer was badly misunderstood.

Short Movie

Xuanziju obviously became a victim of a terrible misunderstanding. Although she didn’t mention it, she has allegedly changed a lot in silence. Her latest posts have become more ‘elegant’ than ever!

Take a quick look at her photos right now!

Hot Streamer

Kimono Streamer

Sexy Streamer

Streamer Xuanziju

Xuanziju China

Xuanziju 2

Xuanziju 3

Xuanziju 4

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