Looks like the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Tesla is actually bigger than people thought. Elon Musk, the CEO and co-founder of Tesla Inc., has just shared a PUBG Mobile x Tesla collaboration trailer in one of his recent Tweets.

About PUBG Mobile x Tesla

PUBG Mobile x Tesla event content was added to the game with the 1.5 patch in July, in both the Global and BGMI version. PUBG has been collaborating with quite a few Car manufacturers, but this one is probably the largest. Below is the post from Elon Musk:

In the 48-second trailer, the Cybertruck and Model Y are seen in action, mowing through a legion of robots. They later destroy a giant gate with some kind of bomb. It was later retweeted by PUBG Mobile's official Twitter account, adding more context to the initial video. Not much of that trailer is actually in the game, however. Only the dog robot made an appearance as the "Patrol Robots" that reveals the location of nearby loot to players.

About Ignition Mode

As part of the latest game mode, Ignition, Tesla Gigafactories will appear at random locations on the map. Players will have the chance to assemble the Model Y, the primary Tesla vehicle. To do this, players need to toggle all the switches in the facility and operate the assembly line.

Model Y in PUBGxTesla collaboration
As we can see it, no one is driving the car.

The best part about the Model Y is its autopilot mode. Players can just mark a location on the map for the car to automatically drive to it. The female character definitely made use of that feature during the trailer, leaning out of the window and shoot the dog bots while the car is moving.

Model Y in PUBG trailer
Jumping off the cliff

Besides the Model Y, players can also pick up the Tesla Semi, which spawns randomly on the map and drive in a predetermined route. When damaged, the Tesla Semi would drop valuable loot. This is actually a good mechanic that should be added to the main game.

About skins, players now have the option to spend UC and buy various Tesla Dacia and Cybertruck skins from the event. There are 6 versions available, with different colors.

  • Diamond Tesla Roadster
  • Digital Water Tesla Roadster
  • Amethyst Tesla Roadster
  • Splendid-Silver Tesla Cybertruck
  • Dystopia Blue Tesla Cybertruck
  • Black Quartz Tesla Cybertruck

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