Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles on mobile phones in the world. The game has dynamic and addictive gameplay that attracts millions of players every day. However, it is also the reason why there are a lot of bugs in Free Fire. While some bugs are just harmless funs bugs, some are super OP and can win you the game easily.

Here we will show you the top 3 bugs of Free Fire you need to know.

1. Invisible Bug In Kill Secured

If you were killed in the Kill Secured mode, not knowing why you were dead, you probably were killed by a player who used this bug. This bug actually has been in Free Fire for a while but for some reason, it hasn't been fixed yet. Not only in the Kill Secured mode, but it can also be used in several other modes as well such as the Rampage 2.0 mode for example, but it will be harder.

With this bug you will turn invisible for the rest of the match and enemies won't be able to see you. Here is how this bug works. Before the match starts, there will be an amount of time for you to choose your equipment kit. There is also a red wall that prevents you from going outside during this period. You will have to kill yourself right before this red wall disappears to turn invisible.

To perform this bug, of course, you will have to choose an equipment set with a Grenade or Landmine and then quickly drop them under your feet to kill yourself. If succeed, you won't see your character on the screen anymore but you still can see the cross-hair. You can still move around and shoot other players like usual but they won't see you.

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2. Invisible Bug In Battle Royale Mode

You can also turn invisible in the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire but you cannot use the same trick as above since there is no choosing equipment time. While your character is still visible on your screen with this trick, other players cannot see you. You can still do almost all actions like normal, including shooting other players, but you won't be able to loot anymore.

Here is how you can perform this bug:

  • First, since you cannot loot after using this bug, go loot for weapons and a lot of ammo first.
  • Go to the Zipline in Bimasakti Strip and then turn off the internet connection on your phone.
Invisible bug Free Fire
Go to the Zipline in Bimasakti Strip and then turn off the internet connection on your phone
  • Now run as fast as you can to the Launchpad in Khatulistiwa (you can use Surfboard).
Bug Free Fire
Use the Surfboard to get to the Launchpad as fast as possible
  • As you are jumping to the roof that has the Launchpad, quickly turn on the internet connection on your phone.
  • Now, stand on top of the Launchpad and start spamming the Use button until you see the Wifi icon on top your screen is no longer red.
 Bug Free Fire
Spam the Use button until the internet is back
  • You should be teleported back to the Zipline in Bimasakti Strip now.
Bug Free Fire
You will be teleported back to the Zipline
  • To know if you are invisible or not. Use the Zipline to get to the other end. If you can't move, you are invisible now. You can use your Surfboard to move instead.
 Bug Free Fire
Other players will not be able to see you
  • Now, just move around using your Surfboard and stop to shoot when you see other players.

3. Run Car Underwater

This bug will not outright win you the game but it can be quite helpful on many occasions and it is quite fun to do. This trick is very simple. Go to the top of a hill near the river and then go backwards full speed down the hill into the river. This way you can go across the river easily and fast without using the bridge.

car Bug Free Fire
You can go across a river in a car

4. Will You Get Banned Using These Bugs of Free Fire

While bugs are technically Garena's false, you have a chance to get banned in Free Fire. However, you will less likely to get banned from using bugs of Free Fire than using cheat software since Garena can't detect it, especially new bugs of Free Fire.

Also, the penalty for abusing bugs are not as bad as using hack and 3rd party software. The only way for you to get banned in Free Fire is because there were too many players who reported you.

ban Free Fire
You will get banned if too many players report your account

Nonetheless, while bugs can win you the game easily without little consequence, overusing them frequently will also make the game less fun for both you and other players. After all, the reason why Free Fire is also addictive is that it's hard.

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