Free Fire is a battle royale game on mobile which was released in 2017. The game has always been one of the most popular in its genre ever since it came out thanks to its addictive nature and unique features such as the character system or the pet system.

While there are only 50 players in a match in Free Fire, it is still a great challenge to win and get the Booyah. Only the people with the best skills can have the chance to win and do to that, they need a lot of practice.

That why Free Fire released a new Training Room in the Kalahari update. In the Training Room where you can train anything you want and do anything without dying. It is a great place for you to train your movement, your aim.

But apart from training in this mode, you can also have a lot of fun with hidden tricks and bugs in this mode. Here we will show you all Free Fire training mode tricks and bugs.

What is the Free Fire Training Mode?

Free Fire Training Mode is a separate mode from other modes in Free Fire. In this mode, you will be provided with all kinds of weapons and attachments in Free Fire to improve your skills. Players will be able to figure out a lot of things while playing this mode, such as their favorite guns, best attachments, combinations,... Players can also try out rare weapons, which don't appear often in real matches such as  Groza, AWM,... etc.

There are two major zones in the Free Fire Training Mode:

  • Target Range: In this place, players can practice their shooting skills, aiming, and the stats of different weapons.
  • Combat Zone: This is where you can fight against other players in real-time to get real experiences.

Free Fire Training Mode Tricks - Go Outside Of Training Ground

The map of the Training Ground in Free Fire is actually much bigger than you think and you can get out of the training area. The way to do this is by using the creating bot feature in the Training Mode. You can create a bot and then jump on top of them. Keep doing it until you are higher than the wall of the Training mode and then jump out. Note that you shouldn't place the bot too high or you won't be able to jump on them.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
Free Fire Training mode tips and tricks

You can move freely outside of the Training Ground. You can even shooter other players inside with your weapon and of course, they can shoot back at you as well.

Free Fire Training Mode Tricks - Zipline

In the Training mode of Free Fire, there is a zipline on the top of 2 buildings. However, you normally cannot reach it because it is placed on the rooftop. By using the same trick above using bots, you will be able to reach the rooftop and use the zipline.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
Free Fire Training Mode Tips and Tricks

Free Fire Training Mode Tricks - Unlimited Gloo Wall

Many players have a hard time finding grenade and Gloo Wall in the Training Mode but they are actually quite easy to find. You will find them in wooden boxes placed around the Training Ground. You can get as many grenades as you want from these boxes.

The box with Flash grenades is placed in a box at the corner of the map.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
You can find Flash Bang in this wooden box

The box with Frag grenades is placed in a high place next to the warehouse.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
You can find Frag Grenade in this box on top of the warehouse

The box with Gloo Wall is placed on the second floor of the long building in the Training Ground.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
Here is where you can find Gloo Wall

Free Fire Training Mode Tricks - Flying in the air

Now you know how to get Gloo Wall in Training Ground, you can try this trick to float yourself up in the air. Go to the place where you get the Gloo Wall and create 2 Gloo Wall with the position like in the picture below.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
Free Fire training mode tips and tricks - Place 2 Gloo Wall like this to float in the air

After that, spam the fire button until you are up in the air. However, you won't be able to do anything while you are in this position and you will likely to be killed by other players afterward. It is still a fun trick to do nonetheless. You can watch the video below to have a better look at how this trick can be done.

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