Just as scheduled, Free Fire has just released a new music video called JEET HOGI WAHAN - THERE WE WILL WIN music video. The music video features the new upcoming Luqueta character, who is a professional football player.

You can check out the music video below.

The  3VOLUTION update will be coming on July 29. Apart from the new Luqueta character, the music video also introduce 2 new items that are coming to Free Fire in the next update, the Self-Revival Kit, and the AUG Assault Rifle.

The Self-Revival Kit is an item that allows you to revive yourself without the help of any teammate after enemies knocked you down. This is the perfect solution when your teammates are too busy with the enemies and can't revive you. You can also catch enemies off guard with this item when they are trying to finish you.

Official Mv Jeet Hogi Wahan There We Will Win Free
The Self-Revival Kit lets you revive yourself when you are down without the need for any teammate

The AUG assault rifle is a famous weapon that has been appearing in many shooter games such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, or PUBG. Now it is coming to Free Fire as well in the next update and is expected to be a scary weapon.

Official Mv Jeet Hogi Wahan There We Will Win Free
The new AUG assault rifle weapon

This is the third music videos that Garena has made for the upcoming 3VOLUTION update. The last two music videos were Reckoning and Eternal Love. Garena seems to be paying more and more attention to Free Fire with all the contents lately, which is wonderful news for Free Fire fans. If you haven't the previous music video yet, you can check them out in the two links below.