Free Fire’s long-awaited OB23 “3volution” update is going to hit the global server very soon. According to official announcements, the patch would arrive after the beta testing phase is over, on July 29. Various new features are going to be added to the game, along with an array of improvements and bug fixes. In this article, we are going to list out all the new exciting features of the new patch.

1 – Two new characters

2 new characters “Luqueta” and “Hayato” would be added onto the game, each with their own unique ability and character sets. Hayato’s skill is pretty weird – it reduces a whopping 35% of damage taken from the front, at the cost of not being able to fire (firing would stop the effect). With the skill’s name being “art of blade”, it is likely that Hayato would be able to use melee weapons freely in the duration.

Elite Hayato
Hayato Firebrand would have a completely different ability

Luqueta or Lucas is probably the star of this update, with the ability to increase Max HP after every kill. This is actually a super strong ability, which would help him snowball greatly after each kill, as the “increased Max HP” is permanent.

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Luqueta is going to be the next Alok in Garena Free Fire

2 – New Penguin Pet

Novo Pet Free Fire Dom Pisante A3cd
The Penguin pet looks great but his ability is not too useful

The new Penguin Pet is named Mr. Wagger – who comes with an ability related to Gloo Wall. It is not sure which ability the little guy would have, with a few leaks mentioned “Gloo Wall resistance” while some other was about “creating Gloo Walls without a grenade”.

3 – Plan Bermuda/ Bermuda Remastered

Free Fire Plan Bermuda To 4cc8
Free Fire's Plan Bermuda would add 3-4 new locations onto the map

Free Fire would update the Bermuda map with a couple of new locations next update – it would be somewhat redesigned – and the strategy on the map would be changed by a lot.

4 – Convoy Crunch mode

Protect the truck in Convoy Crunch mode

A new mode in which you protect a monster truck until it gets to the finish line – the mode would be played on the Bermuda map. This is super similar to Overwatch’s gameplay, in which people have to push the payload.

5 – New Waiting Island and Lobby

The two aforementioned locations would be completely redesigned based on the theme of the third-anniversary event. Free Fire has just had its third birthday 2 days ago.

6 – Injection

A brand new medical kit that lets a player revive themselves in a match without having to rely on teammates. This would definitely be a game-changer later on.

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