Being one of the most popular mobile games in the world, Free Fire has been accelerating a huge fanbase with more than 30 crore players and India is obviously one of the biggest markets. Apart from students and young adults, the game has also drawn the attention of many Indian celebrities and Tiger Shroff is one of those who is allegedly an active Free Fire player.

Being an acclaimed Bollywood star who is well known for his blockbusters like WAR or Baaghi franchise, Tiger Shroff also raised some eyebrows for taking part in a Free Fire promotion project in India. In addition to that, many videos and photos claimed to show proof of Tiger Shroff Free Fire ID. However, is it true that Tiger Shroff does play Free Fire and what is his official name and ID? The fact is here to be unveiled!

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Does Tiger Shroff plays Free Fire and what is his ID?

Does Tiger Shroff play Free Fire?

In fact, the speculation about the Tiger Shroff Free Fire account has been sparkled since last year when the WAR actor took part in a Free Fire promotional video alongside his co-star Hrithik Roshan. Because of the video, Free Fire fans started to believe that the Bollywood superstar also has a game account.

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Tiger Shroff Free Fire ID: No official ID was revealed!

Consequently, a lot of YouTubers came up with videos stating that they had Tiger Shroff Free Fire real ID and name. However, all of these videos failed to verify the information. In addition to that, the WAR actor has never made it official on his game profiles including Free Fire.

Although the actor has never been spotted playing Free Fire or talk about the game personally, he is, indeed, a big fan of third-person shooter video games like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. Earlier, the Bollywood superstar showed up in a video of MotaL, teaming up with him for a COD Mobile gameplay. Meanwhile, another video featured the WAR actor playing PUBG mobile on his phone took the internet by storm. Take a look at these videos below:

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While Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries not only in the country but all over the world, Garena Free Fire is also a top trending mobile game with more than 30 crore players worldwide and a large chunk of it comes from India. No surprise as the combination of both industries can draw a great deal of attention. However, please note that videos about Tiger Shroff Free Fire ID are all fake and uncreditable.

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