Ever since its launch in October 2019, COD Mobile has seen immense growth, as stated in June’s report of Sensor Tower. The game has gained more than 250 million downloads, showing how popular it is nowadays.

In February, famous Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff posted a video of him playing COD Mobile on Instagram.

A month after the release of the video, the actor posted another picture with caption reading he, Soul Mortal, and others would be playing the game together. Anyone interested in joining them is welcomed to mail them.

Mortal also posted the video of the said match on his channel:

Tiger Shroff’s COD Mobile ID

The COD Mobile ID of Tiger Shroff is 6792443687898644481 and he uses the username S8ULtiger.

Tiger Shroff’s Stats

Tiger Shroff has played three COD Mobile matches, one private TDM, and two multiplayer. He won one of the two latter matches with one MVP title. Shroff’s K/D ratio is 7 while his average accuracy is 18.80% with 28 kills.

The TDM match he played with 8bit Mercy, SouL Viper, Mortal, and others took place on March 9. Tiger Shroff registered two assists and two kills with a K/D ratio of 1 and an average accuracy of 8.5%.

Here is the match’s detailed report:

Tiger Shroff March 9 match
Tiger Shroff's March 9 match

There has been a slew of speculation over his Free Fire ID after he made an appearance in Free Fire India Today League Finals’ trailer in September 2019. However, his ID and account in the game haven’t been confirmed.