In Free Fire, people usually just skip the SMGs to go for ARs, as they are more well-rounded weapons for both close and range targets. However, there are 2 main weapon slots in Free Fire - taking an SMG as a secondary weapon for close-range fights is definitely not a bad idea at all - if you are good at spraying, the SMGs might even be better than ARs.

In this article, we would list out the top 4 best SMGs in Free Fire.

1 - UMP


The UMP is the only SMG with the armor penetration ability - it has a whopping 64 points! This means the UMP is pretty much the most damaging weapon of the class, ignoring 2/3 of enemies' armor when hit. If you got your hand on a UMP, stick with it and install more attachments if possible

2 – CG15


The longest range weapon in the SMG class - the CG 15 can do pretty well in medium range due to its relatively high accuracy. The gun also has a special ability to charge for a few seconds and fire a high damage shot. You would need an extended magazine for this gun, as its magazine size is only 20.

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3 – MP5


The Mp5 is the middle of the pack in stats - its best feature is the ability to be modded with every attachment in the game. If you manage to get a combo of muzzle and foregrip, it would be much more effective in mid to long-range engagements.

4 – MP40


The MP40 is the fastest weapon in Free Fire - with 83 points in Rate of Fire. It can discharge its whole magazine as close range sprays in a very short amount of time. Try to get a magazine and stock on this gun to improve its stability.

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