After PUBG Mobile getting banned in India, a lot of fans are moving over to Free Fire... However, they are in for a rude awakening, as Free Fire is a rather... pay to win game, with gun skins that provide bonus stats and characters that have bonus abilities. While gun skins usually do not matter too much, character skill is a big deal, as they often provide a massive advantage in-game for players... and no character is as strong as DJ Alok.

Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack
How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

In this article, we would list out the best Free Fire Character Unlock Hack so that you can get all characters, including DJ Alok hack, for FREE!

1 - How to install Free Fire Character Unlock Hack?

The easiest way to get free character in Free Fire hack is to use a special modified APK file, as other hacks can be detected by the system easily. To download the hacked APK, get to or and browse for Free Fire. Afterward, click on the big green "Download" button to get to the download page. When you are on the page, just get the latest version of the hack by download the APK and OBB files (older versions would not work at all).

Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack
There are hacks for other popular games as well as Free Fire

After acquiring the two files, you would need to run the APK file to install the hacked version of the game (but DON'T RUN IT yet). Decompress the OBB file using the RAR app downloaded from the Google Play Store and place it in Sdcard > Android > OBB. Run the game afterward and enjoy the hack.

Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack
Download the latest version from the site

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2 - How to get Free Fire Characters for free?

The Free Fire free character app would provide you with both maxed Gold and Diamond. You can use them to buy whatever characters you want.

Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack
You can just use the unlimited currency to buy any character you want

It is best that you create another account to use this hack, as your account might get banned if you are unlucky. However, if you feel like taking the risk, just use your main account - you can buy things with the hacked diamond and log back into the normal version later.

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3 - Other features of the hack

Auto Aim

Auto Aim or Aimbot is probably the most popular feature that all shooter hacks have. When activated, this hack would automatically move your crosshair towards enemies and fire when they are in your sight. You can't shoot through walls so people would usually not be able to tell if you are hacking or not.

This hack also has 2 extra features: "headshot" and "more damage". It is best to not use the headshot feature, as people might get suspicious and report you. Overall, this hack can let you win any match in Free Fire.

Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack
Aimbot would let you win pretty much every match

Wall Hack

This option would let you see through walls (but not shoot through them, of course) and give you a tactical advantage over enemies. It would also mark all enemies on the map and their distance to you - no one would be able to catch you off guard this way.

If you are looking for just a small advantage and not automatically win the game, Wallhack is probably your best bet.

Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack
Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack App can do a lot of other things as well

Unlimited Health

With unlimited HP, enemies would not be able to kill you even if they catch you off guard. This feature is easily detected by enemies however - you might get reported if your character survives after the enemies emptied the whole magazine on your body.

Get Airdrop Weapons Instantly

You can get the airdrop weapons like the Groza... or any weapon in the game right out of the gate with this mod. You can get right to the action without having to bother with looting and such.

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Cheat Detection Bypass

You would need to update the hacked APK frequently by getting to the site and download a new version every time Free Fire updates. As long as you keep doing that, you would not get banned. However, just to be on the safe side, create a new account when using the hack.

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