Free Fire skins generator is an illegal tool that gives players free skins. Using a third-party application breaks the rule of the game. So, players can get a life-time ban for using these diamond or skins generators. However, many Free Fire players are willing to take risks to get free skins. Check out things you need to know about Free Fire skins 2020 and how to get them for free here with

Is Free Fire Skins Generator 2020 Legal?

The answer is definitely no. Skin generator is a third-party tool that gives players many stunning skins for free. It violates the rule of this game because Free Fire, as well as any other game, does not allow players to use any hack and cheat tools to get free items. Technically, players need to join special events, complete event missions or pay diamonds to get Free Fire skins 2020.

Free Fire Skins 2020
Skins generator lets you unlock all skins in Free Fire for free

Time-limited events are the most legal and easiest way to get Free Fire skins for free. Whenever there is a new event in Free Fire, the game developers often give players chances to get many exclusive rewards, including free skins. Players complete given missions, collect points or tokens, and then redeem to get free skins. Sometimes, you can also get free skins from Top-Up events in Free Fire.

Obviously, the chance to get favorite skins in Free Fire is pretty limited. Besides, many legendary skins cost Free Fire players diamonds or coins. That's the reason why a lot of players still take risks and use Free Fire skins generators to get free skins. However, keep in mind that you can get a life-time ban if the anti-cheat system suspect and detect your cheat.

Free Fire Skins Generator 2020: Lulubox

This tool will give players all skins for free. You can get weapon skins, pet skins, backpack skins, vehicle skins, etc. without having to pay a coin. Lulubox is a widely used and trusted application in India and many countries in the world. This hack tool gives users free coins, diamonds, and skins. Lulubox is an exclusive app for Android users that is available to download on the internet.

Free Fire Skins Generator
Using Lulubox third-party app, users can unlock all skins and bundles for free

The APK file of this tool is only 13 MB in size. However, you need to open the game on Lulubox to unlock all Free Fire skins 2020. This tool also supports many other mobile games and gives you unlimited sources. For example, PUBG Mobile players can also use Lulubox to unlock all skins in this game.

Free Fire Skins Generator Lulubox
But this app also brings you the risk of getting a life-time ban from Garena Free Fire

However, many players do not like this tool because they cannot play Free Fire with their main account. Instead, they download a Free Fire MOD APK file and install this cheat tool to get more than free skin. Check out this hack tool below.

Free Fire Skins Generator 2020: MOD APK V1.49

Free Fire MOD APK V1.49 is the latest version of this hack tool. This third-party application has been discussed many times. As we all know, this hack tool is a popular Free Fire diamond generator 2020. Moreover, it also gives users many other features for free.

Free Fire Skins Generator Apk
Another Free Fire Skins Generator is MOD APK hack tool which also allows you to unlock skins for free in this game

One of the most attractive features of this tool is free skins in Free Fire. There are many ways to unlock skins for free with Free Fire MOD APK. First of all, this tool gives players unlimited coins and diamonds. Then, you can use these coins and diamonds to unlock gun skins, vehicle skins, and pet skins, etc.

Free Fire Skins Generator Apk Diamonds
It also gives users many other things, such as unlimited diamonds and coins

Or else, users can get free diamonds and play lucky spins to get skin rewards. It's because Free Fire MOD APK has all existing features and events of the Garena Free Fire game. It also lets users play the game with Free Fire players in the official version of Garena. Last but not least, this Free Fire cheat tool also allows users to unlock all skins in this game.

Which Free Fire Skins Generator Is Better?

Lulubox is a game plugin box which is only for Android users. It means that iOS Free Fire players cannot use this tool. However, Free Fire MOD APK is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, MOD APK is better in this aspect of comparison.

Free Fire Skins Generator Apk Benefits
Free Fire MOD APK has many attractive benefits

However, many players prefer Lulubox because it's easier to install and smaller in size. The latest version of Free Fire MOD APK is 754MB while the Lulubox APK file is only 13MB. Moreover, you can play many other games in this app apart from Free Fire, including PUBG Mobile. That's why a lot of players choose to use Lulubox to unlock Free Fire skins for free.

Free Fire Skins Generator Lulubox Android
Free Fire Skins Generator Lulubox Is An Exclusive App For Android Users

In addition, a lot of players are prone to Free Fire MOD APK because it lets them play the game with their real game account. This skin generator also has many other features, such as free diamonds, coins, Elite Pass, etc. It's also updated regularly to make the tool keep pace with the newest updates of Garena Free Fire.

In short, it's hard to point out the better Free Fire skins generator 2020. Based on your device and preference, you can choose one of these apps to use and get free skins. But you can get a ban when using these third-party apps.

Those are things you need to know about the Free Fire skins generator. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.