Free Fire Practice Mode is a mode where players can get in and horn their skill with all kinds of weapons and items freely. The mode is available for players who are level 5 or above. Apart from practicing skills, there is also a Social Zone and a Racing Zone for players to hang out with each other and have fun.

Free Fire Practice Mode
Free Fire Practice Mode is a place for players to practice their skills freely with any weapon

In the OB26 update, the Free Fire Practice Mode is going to have a lot of changes that will make it an even better place with new training modes and fun activities. The graphics of the Training mode is also greatly improved.

Here are all the new changes for the Free Fire Practice Mode in the next update.

Free Fire Practice Mode New Target Range

In the new Target Range in OB26, there will be a dummy target in the room. You can give the dummy any type of helmet and armor to test your weapon on the dummy. There will be also a small window that displays the damage you dealt on the dummy as well as the durability of the helmet and the armor the dummy is wearing.

Free Fire Practice Mode
There is a dummy in the Target Zone that can wear armor and helmet for you to test your weapons on
 Free Fire Practice Mode
There will be a small window that shows stats of the dummy and the amount of damage you dealt

This feature makes experimenting in Free Fire much much easier. With this, we can directly compare the power of all weapons and how they interact with different types of armor and helmets. The dummy is also a more realistic target to use if you want to test your spray.

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Free Fire Practice Mode New Gloo Wall Training Mode

Next to the weapon crate in the Target Range, you will find a door that leads you to the new Gloo Wall Training Mode. In this mode, you will be given 25 Gloo Wall. You will be shot from different directions and you need to use the Gloo Wall quickly to defend yourself.

 Free Fire Practice Mode
There is a door in the Target Zone that will lead you to the Gloo Wall Training Mode

To start the training, stand in the Blue area in the middle of the room. In the end, you will get to see how well you did with a Practice summary. Each training session will last for 45 seconds.

 Free Fire Practice Mode
Step in the blue area in the middle of the room to start the training, each training session will last 45 seconds
 Free Fire Practice Mode
You will practice using Gloo Wall to prevent bullets from coming from random directions

Practicing using Gloo Wall is one of the most fundamental skills that all Free Fire players need to know because it can literally save your life and win you the game.

Free Fire Practice Mode New Social Zone

Many new activities are added to the Free Fire Practice Mode New Social Zone for players to have some fun with their friends and even learn some skills.

The Social Zone is updated with a huge Ferris Wheel that you can ride o and take a look at the entire training island from above. There is a big Wind Mill nearby, where you practice your jumping skill and get to the top of it.

Image 10 Free Fire Practice Mode
You can get on the giant Ferris Wheel in the new Free Fire Training mode to watch the entire island from above

There is a shop, where you can purchase giants Dices, Fireworks, and Fancy Hammer that make people's heads bigger. You need to use a kind of Token to buy these items. These Tokens can be obtained by killing players in the Combat Zone.

Free Fire Practice Mode
You can purchase fun items in the social zone such as Giant Dice, Fancy Hammer, and Fireworks

There is also a Theater Zone for you to watch Free Fire videos inside.

 Free Fire Practice Mode
There is a theater in the Social Zone for players to watch movies

Free Fire Practice Mode New Race Track

The new race track has been rebuilt to look better and more organized for players who want to have some thrill. There are all kinds of vehicles you can find in Free Fire there and you can choose whichever you want.

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