The Free Fire OB26 Advanced server is now open for players to test out features and updates. If you are tired of having to deal with the Double in Clash Squad then I have good news for you. The MP5, MP40, and MAG-7 will be purchasable in Clash Squad in the next update.

MP5 and MP40 in Clash Squad

The Mp5 will have a price of 1400. The MAG-7 will have a price of 1700. MP40 will have a price of 2000.

Mp5 And Mp40 Clash Squad
MP40 will be back to Clash Squad in the next update

While the MP5 doesn't have as much damage as other SMGs, it has the highest range of all SMGs so it will be more versatile in combats.

The MP40 is one the highest DPS weapon in Free Fire with an insane rate of fire. It is one of the few weapons that can match the Double Vector in close-range combats. You can also equip another weapon with the MP40 such as a sniper rifle in case you need one.

MAG-7 in Clash Squad

The MAG-7 is the newest shotgun in Free Fire. It is a mid-range shotgun with a high rate of fire and I am telling that this weapon is absolutely imbalanced. The rate of fire of this weapon is insanely fast, twice as fast as the fire rate of the M1887 shotgun. The magazine of the MAG-7 is huge for a shotgun with 8 bullets.

This weapon is now all the rage in the Advance server and everyone is using it. It is not sure if Garena will nerf this weapon when the update goes live or not. But if they don't, you need to play this weapon every game and get some easy wins.

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