Free Fire is known to make collaborations with famous celebrities and brands frequently to release new events and items for players. The most recent collaborations of Free Fire were with the famous anime series One Punch Man and the famous football player CR7.

In the next  OB26 update, Free Fire is going to collaborate with a famous Vietnamese singer named Son Tung to release a new Free Fire Skyler character. This collaboration has been official confirmed by both Free Fire and the singer. Apart from the new Skyler character, this collaboration will also bring Free Fire a new theme song.

Freef Ire Skyler 1
Free Fire is going to bring a new character called Skyler based on a Vietnamese singer in the next update

Free Fire Skyler skill and details

  • Name: Skyler
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: July 5
  • Company: Producoes Admiraveis Talentos

Free Fire Skyler is the founder and CEO of the Producoes Admiraveis Talentos company, a company that produces the best young talents and singers on the market. Skyler used to be a famous pop singer and dance in the past.

Free Fire skyler character
New Skyler character in Free Fire

Free Fire Skyler's skill is roughly translated as "Destroy Icewall". This skill will help players destroy enemies' Gloo Wall and heal their character. Here are the details about the skill.

  • Destroy Icewall level 1: Send out a sonic wave that destroys 5 Gloo Walls within 20m. You will heal for 2 HP whenever you use a Gloo Wall.
  • Destroy Icewall level 6: Send out a sonic wave that destroys 20 Gloo Walls within 100m. You will heal for 7 HP whenever you use a Gloo Wall.

For more information about the upcoming OB26 update of Free Fire and the Free Fire Skyler character, follow Gurugamer for the latest Free Fire news.

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