Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile battle royale titles in the world. It was released by Garena in 2017 for Android and iOS. Free Fire was the most downloaded game in both 2019 and 2020 and reached a record of 100 million daily players.

Weapon skins in Free Fire are a very important factor because they not only look good but also increase the power of the weapons. One of the ways to get the latest skins in Free Fire is through the Weapon Royale. In this post below you can find necessary Free Fire Weapon Royal trick to boost your luck next time!

Free Fire
Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile in the world

What is the Weapon Royale in Free Fire?

The Weapon Royale is a part of the Luck Royale system in Free Fire. It is a spin that features weapons skins as main prizes along with other small prize items. The Weapon Royale will change its prize pool every 30 days with a different Grand Prize.

Free Fire Weapon Royale
The Free Fire Weapon Royale is where you can get the latest and strongest weapon skins

The Grand Prize of the Weapon Royale will always be a Legendary gun skin with decent stats. Most new weapons skin in Free Fire will be introduced in the Weapon Royale.

To spin the Weapon Royale, players need to spend Diamonds. Players can spend 40 Diamonds for 1 spin or 400 Diamonds for 11 spins.

Free Fire Weapon Royale Trick

Since Weapon Royale requires players to spin to get the Grand Prize, it normally going to take a lot of spins. Here, we will give you a Free Fire Weapon Royale trick to increase your luck:

  • In the Free Fire Weapon Royale, there is a thing called Luck Quotient. Each time you spin the Weapon Royale and don't get the Grand Prize, it will increase your lucky chance by 1. If it reaches 99, the next spin will guarantee you to get the Grand Prize.
Mr Nutcracker Mp5 Weapon Royale
High Luck Quotient will give you a high chance of getting the Grand Prize
  • This is another Free Fire Weapon Royale Trick that you might want to try. Before you spin the Weapon Royale, tap continuously on the Grand Prize before spinning. This might not work, but you lose nothing for trying.

The current Weapon Royale in Free Fire is the AN94 Rose Bride Weapon Royale. If you want to get this weapon skin now, you can apply the Free Fire Weapon Royale Trick above now and see if it works.

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How to spin the Weapon Royale for free

Normally, it costs Diamonds aka money to spin the Weapon Royale which is quite tricky for players who don't spend money on games. But there are still ways for players to spin the Weapon Royale in Free Fire without spending any real money.

Weapon Voucher

The Weapon Voucher in Free Fire is an item that allows you to spin the Weapon Royale in Free Fire for free. Each spin in the Weapon Royale will cost 1 Weapon Voucher in Free Fire. You can get Weapon Vouchers from various sources in Free Fire.

Weapon Voucher Free Fire
The Weapon Voucher in Free Fire allows you to spin the Weapon Royale

Watch to win events

Watch to win events in Free Fire is a special event that they use to promote BOOYAH, a Free Fire streaming app developed by Garena. Unlike other events, Garena is willing to give players Diamonds doing this event. All you have to do is completing simples tasks such as watching clips for 10 minutes or uploading a clip.

There are also valuable rewards such as Weapon Voucher and Diamond Voucher.

Watch To Win Event Free Fire
Watch to win events are the only events in Free Fire that reward Diamonds

Community events

These events are Free Fire events that are held on Garena Free Fire social media. These events often require participants to make videos, take pictures, ... etc to win their prize. These events are fun to join and the prize is also really big. Pay attention to upcoming Free Fire events in 2021 to not miss any special prize.

Watching esports events

Big Free Fire esports even often give away Diamonds and many other rewards to random viewers. You can follow our Free Fire section and we will update you with the latest information about Free Fire tournaments.

Money earning apps

Finally, there are apps for you to get free money on the internet. All you have to do is doing tasks such as completing surveys, downloading apps, playing games,... to get money. A few earning apps are Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbuck,...

Google Opinion Rewards
Players can get real cash on Google Balance wallet and top up Diamonds

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