Free Fire is a popular battle royale title on mobile that features new bundles, events and skins frequently. The Weapon Royale is a spin in the Luck Royale system in Free Fire. It is a spin that features a Legendary skin as the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize of the Weapon Royale changes every 30 days. During that period, players can spend Diamonds or Weapon Voucher to spin it. Each spin that does not land on the Grand Prize will increase the chance of getting it in the next spin.

Free Fire An94 Rose Bride
A new Weapon Royale has arrived Free Fire

Free Fire New AN94 Rose Bride Weapon Royale

The Weapon Royale in Free Fire has just reset and this time it brings us the AM94 Rose Bride skin as the Grand Prize. Here are the stats of the AM94 Rose Bride skin.

  • Damage ++
  • Armor Penetration +
  • Reload Speed -

This AM94 Rose Bride skin provides a huge buff to the damage output of the weapon with the damage buff and armor penetration buff. The skin will reduce the reload speed of the weapon but it will not affect much on the performance of the weapon, especially with all the attachments.

The AN94 is among one of highest damage AR in Free Fire, only lose to the Groza. With this skin, it will be able to dish out even more damage than usual.

Free Fire Weapon Royale An94 Rose Bride
The AN94 Rose Bride Skin is the Grand Prize of this Weapon Royale

Apart from the AN94 Rose Bride skin, there are many other rare skins in the Weapon Royale for various weapons:

  • Urban Ranger (SKA, SPAS12, AK47)
  • Imperial Rome (FAMAS, Kar98k, MP5, AK)

The AN94 Rose Bride Weapon Royale will stay until 13th July, 2021.

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