If you don't know, there's an app called Booyah. It's an app dedicated to posting gaming videos by Garena. Lately, the app has been running numerous events, offering a plethora of Free Fire items as rewards.

Booyah Watch To Win Rewards
Watch 10 minutes of clips to win free rewards

The most common series of events is the watch-to-win. A new one has just kicked off, giving away several items such as the Lightning Striker weapon crate for free.

Let's see how you can acquire the rewards!

Garena Free Fire Watch To Win Event on Booyah App

The game devs just released a new watch-to-win event for Garena Free Fire yesterday, i.e., April 11. It will continue until April 13, 2021.

During this period, users can easily claim free rewards for just watching clips on the app for 10 minutes. How easy is that?

Here's a statement from the Booyah app team on the event:

From 11-13 April, WATCH any clip on Booyah! for 10 minutes and WIN stunning rewards! Lightning Strike Weapon Crate, Incubator Vouchers, 50x Booyah! Tickers. Remember to LOGIN to claim your rewards!

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Booyah Watch To Win Event
Check out the event details here

During the duration of the watch-to-win event, players can proceed to watch any videos they like. But remember, you have to cross the 10-minute mark to win rewards.

How to join the watch-to-win event and acquire rewards for free:

Follow the steps below to take part in the Free Fire watch-to-win event:

Booyah Watch To Win Login
Choose a login method
  • Step 1: Visit the local app store and download the Booyah! app. If you have already installed the app, open it to begin!
  • Step 2: Log in using the available methods. Then proceed to bind your Free Fire accounts with the Booyah app. Access Profile > Connected Accounts to do so. Please note that this step is a must if you want to claim free rewards from the app.
  • Step 3: Open the Booyah app and watch any video or stream for 10-minutes. The rewards will be automatically sent to your Free fire account.

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